The Power of Purpose: How Mission-Driven Businesses Are Changing the Game

The Power of Purpose: How Mission-Driven Businesses Are Changing the Game

The Power of Purpose: How Mission-Driven Businesses Are Changing the Game
Sorry ma'm that’s policy. - Said the audibly annoyed customer service rep.
Thanks for nothing- says the obviously dissatisfied customer.
How many of us have been there?
You support a business.
A problem arises & they treat you like a number.
That is annoying them.
They do a little bit of nothing to resolve the problem.
You tell yourself, see if you get my money again.
You experience this at many businesses in different industries. Expensive or cheap... poor customer service is an absolute epidemic.
But what happened?
What happened to the caring about your customer?
What happened about really wanting to earn and keep someone's business?
Do people have more customers than they can possibly need? Rollin in the dough- in my Adele's voice. I don’t believe this is the case.
What was the spark that triggered this storm of lackluster customer service?
Was it a lack of care for your fellow human?
The act of seeing your customers as a walking dollar signs.
How fast can you get their money and move on to the next person you can get money from.
But what is the cure for this transactional business epidemic we are in?
It is having mission-driven businesses.
Where companies have a purpose bigger than themselves.
A mission human driven that is how can you make someone's day with every interaction.
Think about how people would experience your company different.
If in every interaction you were thinking : "How could I make this person's day?"
When you put humans over transactional interactions profit always comes.
Ok great Khrystian, we get it now. So…

How do you make a mission statement?

Mission-driven businesses are organizations with a clear and unwavering commitment to a social, environmental, or ethical mission. They focus on making a positive impact on the world. Placing their mission at the core of their business operations.
These missions can range from environmental sustainability, social justice, education and health initiatives, etc.
When it comes to a mission statement, think long and hard about why you started in the business in the first place.
As Simon Sinek what is your WHY?
Who cares about you, or your business?
What makes you different from the guy next to you, it’s deeply starts with your why.
Once you have your why make turn it into a statement. Let’s say you opened a t-shirt business because you love designing shirts that are unique. Then a mission statement could be to dress the world with a wardrobe as unique as they are.
Do you see how this mission would help you stay true to who you are as you grow.
If your purpose is to deliver unique wardrobe to the world how would you show up.
It’s a purpose to help people show on the outside how unique they are on the inside.
Bigger than a t-shirt. People would feel like you understand them.

The Impact of Purpose

The influence of purpose in business extends far beyond philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. Here are some ways mission-driven businesses are changing the game:
1. Attracting Talent
Mission-driven companies are magnets for top talent. Employees love organizations that align with their personal values. They offer them the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. This attracts passionate, dedicated, and innovative professionals who drive the company forward.
2. Fostering Customer Loyalty
Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the ethical and social impact of their purchasing decisions. Mission-driven businesses resonate with customers who want to support companies that share their values. This fosters brand loyalty and leads to long-term customer relationships.
3. Innovation and Competitive Advantage
The pursuit of a mission often leads to innovative solutions. Mission-driven businesses are more likely to explore sustainable practices, embrace cutting-edge technologies, and adapt to changing market dynamics. This innovation provides them with a competitive edge.
4. Positive Media and Public Relations
Mission-driven businesses often receive positive media coverage and PR. Their commitment to making a difference in the world generates stories that resonate with the public, fostering goodwill and enhancing brand reputation.
5. Long-Term Sustainability
Focusing on a mission that transcends profits often leads to a more sustainable business model. Companies with a clear purpose are better equipped to navigate economic fluctuations and market challenges, as their mission remains unwavering.

Success Stories

Countless mission-driven businesses have demonstrated the transformative power of purpose. Companies like Patagonia, TOMS, and Ben & Jerry's have integrated their mission into their core business practices. Patagonia, for instance, commits 1% of sales to environmental causes and is a pioneer in sustainable clothing manufacturing.
TOMS is renowned for its "One for One" model, where the company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. This not only serves a humanitarian purpose but has also driven substantial growth for the brand.
Ben & Jerry's, in addition to producing delicious ice cream, is dedicated to social and environmental justice, leading to widespread support from socially conscious consumers.
Embracing Purpose
Mission-driven businesses are setting an inspiring example of how companies can do well by doing good. Their success is rooted in their commitment to making a positive impact on the world, proving that profitability and purpose can go hand in hand.
As the business landscape continues to evolve, more companies are likely to adopt a mission-driven approach, recognizing that the power of purpose is not only a force for change but also a key driver of their own success. By doing so, they are not just changing the game; they are changing the world.

Status Quo Breaker Agency Our Mission:

Our mission here at Status Quo Breaker Agency is to foster the worlds most customer-centric small businesses. Bridging the gap between people and the products they’ll love.
Since I was a child I have been the go-to for my friends and family. Recommending new restaurants, new fun things to do, new shows, just all the things.
If i think you will love something I love sharing.
This is fundamentally believed to be what marketing is, connecting great people to great products.
Our mission is to help other small businesses find the structure and strategy to deliver a customer-centric experience for each of their customers.
Imagine a world where every small business had the tools and felt supported to grow their business while staying in their zone of genius.
We are committed to helping small businesses run truly efficient ways so they can do more of what they love and less administrative work.
Why does customer service suffer?
There not enough staff,
undertrained staff,
overworked owners,
and just inefficiency all around.
If you empower small business owners to be more efficient I know customer care would naturally increase,.
Along with profits, and overall health of the business.
If you are trying to build a business that last the test of time, check out Business in a Box where we go over creating your mission, your brand, your marketing, your sales, and all the things to set yourself up for success.
Theres no time like today.
Take an hour today and start thinking about your why, and your mission and see how you can show your mission throughout your whole business.
We promise the change will be shocking.
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