The Secret to Securing Leads for Your Small Business on Linkedin

The Secret to Securing Leads for Your Small Business on Linkedin


Only do this if you want to grow your small business's LinkedIn presence, if you don't want to do that click off this blog.

Many small businesses find it difficult to create content that resonates with their target audience on LinkedIn.

But did you know 45% of decision-makers look at an executive's LinkedIn profile?

What does your profile say about you? 

Your profile is meant to tell a story. 

In this blog post, we will discuss structuring your profile for success as a small business on Linkedin. 


Create a Cover Photo

The cover photo on your profile is premium real estate.

It should easily tell what you do and have a call to action.

This allows you to pass the 5-second test...

That is can people tell what your story is in less than 5 seconds. 



Your profile picture is the second most important visual element of your LinkedIn presence. It accompanies your name and face throughout the platform, so it's essential to make a positive impression. Invest in a professional headshot or a high-quality image that presents you in the best light.

To enhance your branding, consider wearing your company's brand colors in your photo. And, most importantly, remember to smile – a friendly and approachable image can work wonders in building trust.


Your headline should easily tell, who and how you help them.

Again this helps you pass the 5 second test on what your story is. 

Your LinkedIn headline should be concise yet powerful. In just a few words, it should clearly communicate who you are and how you help others. A well-crafted headline helps visitors quickly understand your professional identity and expertise.

Think of this as your elevator pitch. Crafting a compelling headline ensures that you pass the "5-second test" by summarizing your story in a brief statement.

About Me

Think if this section as a sales letter.

You are going to want to expand on your story here.

Think of this section as body copy of your website.

  • Identify the problem,
  • discuss the problem,
  • show solution,
  • summarize benefits,
  • a call to action (CTA)

The "About Me" section on your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity to tell your story in more detail. Think of it as a sales letter where you can elaborate on your background, experiences, and mission.

Structure this section like the body copy of a website:

a. Identify the Problem: Begin by identifying the problem your small business addresses.

b. Discuss the Problem: Share insights and statistics to illustrate the issue.

c. Show Solution: Explain how your business offers a solution to the problem.

d. Summarize Benefits: Highlight the advantages of choosing your business.

e. Call to Action (CTA): Encourage visitors to connect, follow, or visit your website.

This section allows you to engage your audience on a deeper level and create a strong connection.


Featured Content/ Media 

To showcase your expertise and build credibility, utilize the "Featured" section to include case studies, testimonials, valuable content pieces, and lead magnets. These materials provide social proof and offer visitors an in-depth look at your work and achievements.

By highlighting your best work, you can build trust and encourage potential clients or partners to engage with your small business.

Put case studies,

  • testimonials,
  • content pieces,
  • & lead magnets

Recommendations Aim for 3-10 

Gathering recommendations from clients and colleagues is a powerful way to strengthen your profile. Aim for 3 to 10 thoughtful reviews that highlight your skills, work ethic, and contributions.

Don't be shy about asking satisfied clients and colleagues for recommendations. Their positive words can influence potential clients and collaborators.


Awards & Certifications

While not mandatory, adding an "Awards & Certifications" section can enhance your profile's credibility. Many visitors still check out this section, so it's an opportunity to showcase any honors or certifications your business has received.


In The End

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital business card and can significantly impact your small business's success. By implementing these profile-enhancing strategies, you can convey your story effectively, engage your audience, and attract valuable connections and opportunities. Remember, a well-crafted LinkedIn profile is not just about promoting your small business; it's about building relationships and demonstrating your expertise in your field. So, if you're looking to grow your small business's LinkedIn presence, follow these steps, and start making a lasting impression today.

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