How to Write a Content Calendar: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write a Content Calendar: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Content creation can be a never ending avalanche.

And let's face it what is your real return?

Do you know how to set yourself up for easier content creation that converts to sells. 

We approach a content calendar with goals your company goals in mind. Check out our proprietary approach to creating a content calendar.

1. Decide your mission and values 

2. Decide your company goals for the month, quarter, or year

3. Decide your rocks these will be your north stars on what your goals are. 

4. Decide your milestones as you go toward your goals. This helps you stay encouraged. 

5. Select which one or two channels you will focus on 

6. Set your content up in a 60:30:10 split we explain this throughly in our Ultimate Sales & Marketing Accelerator . Studies show 97% people are not in a buyers cycle at any given time. Only 3% of people who see your product are in a buyers cycle. How do you speak to the 97% to move them to the 3%? The answer is the 60:30:10 split. 

7. Put your content into content buckets. Then you are going to want to put your content choices into your content cycle buckets. What does this mean? This means decide what your content buckets are, will they be listicles, how tos, behind the scenes, carousels etc. This will help you develop series and a cohesive feed your audience will love. You can also use one of our social templates to easily use as your buckets. 

8. Do it. Plan out when will be your filming and editing days. Set yourself up for success by batching content. This ensures you have enough time to run your business and have high-quality content. Don't overthink it, you got this!

9. Lastly load your content into a social media distributor like Buffer, Meet Edgar, Plann or Metricool. This makes posting and analytics easier than ever before.  

You can set this up every month to plan out your content. See how you grow an audience that loves your brand and content looking forward to your products and content. For a further hand holding experience with a done for you template check out our Ultimate Sales and Marketing Accelerator and we walk you through step by step. 


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